MySQL DB corruption from apc.enable-cli flag since update to NC 21


Since I updated my nextcloud installation (in a FreeBSD jail on TrueNAS Core OS) to version 21, I’ve got big troubles with the setup. After receiving error messages that the CRON job cannot be executes, I read up on the topic and according to the official documentation I tried adding the suggested apc.enable_cli=1 flag.
Unfortunately, this little change ended up giving me „Internal Server Error“s and as I later found out was corrupting my database.
You can find more details in the ticket I posted on GitHub: `--define apc.enable_cli=1` flag in cron causes mysql db corruption · Issue #28722 · nextcloud/server · GitHub. There I was told to try getting some help here with the issue.

Can anyone here help me with this?


I was finally able to resolve it with a completely new installation.