Mysql 8 nextcloud 21

Nextcloud version : 21.0.1
Operating system and version truenas

The issue you are facing:
Hi all
just updated to 21.0.1 (forced via beta channel) and MySQL error version appears. A couple of questions:

  • Should upgrade not have happened?
  • Although the error, NC seems to be working properly. Should I uninstall and go back to 20.0.9?

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? : Y

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Change to beta channel and upgrade

I do not know if upgrading nextcloud with old mysql is a problem or not.

But all hard- and software have got requirements.
E.g. Ubuntu and Debian in newer versions are shipped with newer mysql and MariaDB.
Then there are new requirements on Nextcloud because of newer operating system and/or database. Read System requirements — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation

Perhaps there are small differences in the mysql versions and perhaps Nextcloud does not really uses new features. But in future you would need current versions of the operation system and/or database.

I know a lot of people with old software (e.g. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS ) which works fine over years with very old nextcloud versions. But after years the admins must upgrade and then there are real problems.

I would tend to say: Upgrade your MySQL Server, but since the Nextcloud Jail on TrueNAS is more like an appliance than a manual installation , I don’t konw if it’s supported to upgrade induvidual components of it manually.

Have you checked out the TrueNAS forum already? Chnances that someone can help you with that specific problem are probably higher over there …

I’ll try! Thanks!

NC21 redeployed from scratch and working perfectly

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