My webspace only has 100GB anf wikl be full soon

I use Nextcloud privately and 80% to store my digital photos. I use a web space that has 100GB of storage. Is there a way to expand the Nextcloud storage with a hard drive that can be accessed via WebDAV, for example? The hard drive would be connected to my router at home.

Yes, I know. The easiest thing would be to rent a larger webspace. But I got the webspace at a very good anniversary discount and when I upgrade, I pay significantly more for less performance.

Yes, look up External Storage in the Admin and User manuals.

Beware however that it sounds like you’re talking about using storage that is far away from your server. Performance may or may not be acceptable.

Also, just throwing this out there: another option to consider is that External Storage supports S3 Object Storage too (note: I’m not talking about as your Primary Storage). And there are various providers with compatible S3 backends, such as Backblaze B2, that are cheaper than AWS S3 and can work with NC.