My server is down and I am not sure why


I am running a Nextcloud server on my Raspberry Pi 4 with Ubuntu server (from the command line).

Currently, the directory in the sd card is full, which is what I think the issue is, but it could be something else.

The server is either not connecting to my local network because of a different internal error, or that there isn’t enough space, assuming that space could be a cause for not syncing with any other devices on the local network.

I have an external usb drive that I can move files over, but I am not sure how to do it because I can’t figure out how to cd into the directories.

Any thoughts on what I should try to do?

I followed these instructions to create the sever, but I didn’t use the rasbianOS:

Running out of space is a huge problem and will stop sync from happening, which you should be able to confirm from your client device.

What size is your disk?

Run df -h to know what the disk size and usage is. Could you please output some system stats so we can better assist you as well. Check /var/www/nextcloud.log with cat or less

Do you have another drive you can use now that you’ve run out of space?

I had a fairly small drive - 32 GB. I used a small size because is my first time to build a server. It was mostly to do backups for my phone until I learned more. My phone backed up more data than I expected and I am in this situation now.

I tried to cat into the log files and it didn’t work. maybe I should just wipe the server and start over with it and do a better job setting it up.

Makes sense. As you discovered, a 32gb SD card will just not cut it. If your goal is backups you might want to consider a backup tool instead. Also just remember that SD cards will wear out quickly and cannot be relied on to last over many years.

Your best bet would be a USB 3.0 SSD. Or, just a USB 3.0 disk. Also, you are welcome to join us on @NextcloudPi if you’d like to be a part of the community and use an image tailored to that device. We have a telegram chat at or

That may be a good idea. This was my first time to try doing this, so I was bound to make mistakes. Mistakes are not fun, but they provide good experience. I had no clue what I was doing when I set it up. My issue now is that I do not know how to navigate to the appropriate directories so I can move them to my USB drive.


  1. use a tool such as dd to copy a complete image of your card to the USB drive. This will overwrite everything on the usb disk. You could also use rsync.
  2. use Gparted or a similar tool to resize the partition to the size of your new (hopefully larger) disk.
    • could cause corruption to make a backup first.

Sorry to say that there is simply no easy noob way to do these steps. Disk migration and recovery is straight up sys admin work. You’ll need to read documentation, take notes, and move over your partition with correct permissions to the new disk. :+1:

True. this is good experience