My nextcloud takes time to load in the browser

Hi there. I have the latest version of Nextcloud installed and for several versions the web takes a long time to load.
In the security check, it passes all the controls but the load is very slow.
I have it configured in Cron
Run under Apache 2
I am using aPCU cache and Memcache
I also had redis on and I ended up taking it off

Can someone tell me what may be happening to me, and how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

For such topics, please be more precise. For some 15s is very slow, for others 1 min, or 10 min…

Is it just the first page, or every page you open will take a very long time? If you use the networking tool of your browser, you can check which resource took so long to load. Logfiles can be interesting as well, perhaps something is waited for and just times out…