My nextcloud server has blocked my home wifi?

I’m sorry, I feel like I’ve posted a pretty disproportionate number of posts asking for support on here but I just keep on running into issues.

I was trying to get my laptop hooked up to a a drive on nextcloud through webdav and it wouldn’t work. Halfway through the process the syncing client stopped working too! It had been having trouble but now it had completely disconnected.

I checked my cloud from my desktop that hosted it, by going to the web frontend etc and… Nothing.

I try on my phone… No connection.

But then! I try on my phone with wifi turned off and it works!!! What??? Why? Did my repeated attempts to get webdav to work get my wifi ip banned or something?

Yes. Maybe. In your installation is a security feature called fail2ban.
It’s a feature to protect your data from hacker around the world. (And there are a lot of same.)

A systemctl stop fail2ban should fix that till next restart. systemctl disable fail2ban to stop it till you enable it again. or just wait 10h. (bantime = 36000)

Sorry for that trouble.

Oooh cool thanks @Reiner_Nippes is there a reason to use fail2ban if nextcloud already has a brute force protection thing built in?

Also any clues on why the webdav login might not be working?

because it covers also ssh. i would say. and if you do it right you can protect all exposed services.

Cool gotcha. Thanks!