My Nexcloud Android app hangs when I login + video

Hi all.

I have an problem with Nextcloud Android app, When I try to login it hangs and after that remain hang until program closes unexpectedly.

Here is the video example:

I had this problem withHuawei Nova 7i, Xiaomi Redmi note 10 lite and my recent phone Samsung A73 5G.

I am using self hosted Nextcloud for two years, I had it on bare metal without https, on Ubuntu 20.04 openshift kvm cloud and recently on Ubuntu 22.04 VmWare esxi behind Cloudflare DNS proxy and every migration I had, I reinstall new instance and them I copy my data into it.

I mostly used my Nextcloud for notes, my problem with Nextcloud starts from here:

The Nextcloud Note is using Nextcloud app as authentication and since then I have problem with sync, like that video I mentioned above.


  1. This server is dedicated to Nextcloud and no other apps.

  2. This Server is behind firewall and opens from specific public IPs.

My nextcloud instance is information:

NC server: β€œ25.0.3.2”

Web server: Apache2

database: Mariadb

php: β€œ8.1.2-1ubuntu2.10”

os: β€œGNU/Linux”

architecture: β€œx86_64”