My NCP install works fine, but only if I have a keyboard installed!

Sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere. My searching skills/patience levels are not great!

I have been playing with NCP for a few days and had it installed as I wanted. Then made the leap to install it all in an old USB disk case. But it then didn’t work.
Opening the box and plugging HDMI back in I can see it booting normally, but it doesn’t appear on the network, (despite having a static IP). If I plug in a keyboard and reboot, it all works perfectly.

I hadn’t expected to dedicate a wireless keyboard dongle to the project! :slight_smile:
Sounds weird but true!

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Enter BIOS and look for the, check for keyboard, turn it off, or set to ignore,
save and reboot.

Thanks Oliver, would certainly been look in there if on a PC.
But this is NCP (NextCloudPi), running on a Raspberry Pi, so no BIOS as such.

Okay, misunderstood.
What installation method did you use?
What are output of ncp.log and ncp-report? (I use for sharing logs)

@OliverV Thanks, when I went back to gather this info I found that I had overwritten the uSD card without backing up. So I went back to the previous backup. This version doesn’t show the same problem!
So sorry, but I will have to walk away from this problem.

Anyway glad it is working.

Many thanks for your fast help!