My first app: Audio Player


after some fighting through the basics I managed to release my first app: Audio Player

It was planned as a simple fork of the “MP3 Player” to fix some basics.
But it became quite a big step already including several new functionalities.

If you have some time to try it out, I really appreciate every feedback, git-issue or positive app-store-voting :slight_smile:

my next topics on the to-do are

  • evaluate widget for holgers dashboard
  • evaluate direct play from the file-app
  • getting the scanner more stable

thank you all for the help in my various requests!


That’s great news, I will check your app tonight.
As I’m currently changing the api because of the comments, @nickvergessen has made, it would be best not to start with a widget for the dashboard.

@z000ao8q Thank you for this app! It was time for a replacement of the no longer maintained Music app (w/o cover support).

I have a feature request: FLAC support. :wink: (I rip my CDs to FLAC only.)

Great! i was just installing the old one, so i replaced it with yours :slight_smile:
i don’t know if this can be added in the audioplayer, but i was wondering if it is possible to share audio with remote users where they can only listen to the music, without being able to download.

The modern version of inviting a friend over to listen to long-player and cassette tapes together. Cool :sunglasses:

But on a more serious side this feature could be most interesting from a copyright point of view :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s funny you say that.
I’m setting up nextcloud for our company and we are a music publisher. So we would like to share audio with our composers :wink:

this is the most common one I read about. but it requires other libraries in the backend.
to be honest: a little challenging for my knowledgebase at the moment. but never say never.
if thats the only issue thats found :slight_smile:

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I found a token-based songplay in the code already which is linked to sharing I think (need to check the details).
But at the end its a javascript library which makes the soundfile playable by the browser itleft.

it generates a url like
https ://testserver/owncloud/apps/audioplayer/getaudiostream?file=/Album%29/song.mp3
this is opened in the browser-media-api
and this - at least in my safari - provides a “download video as” right-click.

As with any content (also online videos) that is streamed: the 1/0s are transferred and you are the receiver.

It could be thought about stripping the media-file but then you will have gaps.
Or not playing the full song when sharing and only like the first 30s???

Making 30s of music available for everyone to listen to analogue to what Amazon offers might be a useful approach for Systeembeheer, but if you think on a larger scale:

2 federated clouds, one is mine, one is a friend of mine. I would be able to share a song with him, without he actually having access to downloading it.

this MIGHT really be worth an effort. I have never managed to continue my bachelor of laws but there actually might be a chance of this approach being covered by “private use” clause without any law or collecting society taking measures. If that turns out true this could shake the grounds of music industry…and it all started with YOUR APP.

How you can possible be NOT motivated now to give it a try, would really be beyond me :wink:

…if your can add good php/js experience to the project i definitely will be :slight_smile:

…the soundmanager has an alternative flash-player-plugin for “non-html5-browsers”. flash is more difficult to decode/sniff. but its not the future…

Much to my regret I’m hopeless when it comes to anything starting with DEV. Sorry :disappointed_relieved:

Looks like the app is only searching in nextcloud itself, not on external storage. My music collection is on an external storage (a local one) which is not being scanned.
Would love to see something like in the music-app, where I can define the location of my music collection (in the personal settings).

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what do you mean by external?
I have my music on SMB shares, mounted in OC and it works for me.

are all your external folders indexed/scanned in the files app (or via occ scann-all)?
because the app only finds the files with the correspoding mimetypes by searching the filecache-table.

I have set up two external storages: one dropbox and one local.
I can see both in nextcloud filemanager. The music-app scans and finds the collection without a problem.

See attached images.

+1 for sharing feature…

Update: I tried the plugin and it offers a Webinterface for playback when sharing an mp3 file. That is exactly what I wanted… Thanks a lot…

Same here: 32.000 music files on external local storage, but search results into this:

I press “Search for new files”.
Shortly (for 1 second) this is displayed:

And results into this:

Exactly the same behaviour as on my system.


I am looking into this.
I will create a local share and transfer my collection and test there.

thank you for your patience!

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This is awesome and so far it’s working really well. However, it looks weird when I open an album with only one song in it. It actually splits the line in half and displays the top-half on the left, bottom half on the right.

can you post a screenshot?
what is your screen resolution?