MUSIC APP - how to auto rescan on file/folder changes

I would like to know if it is possible to rescan files on the users selected media folder if the content of the folder changes.
Somethng like: If media files are removed they are automatically removed from the media library and if media files are added they are automatically added to the media library.

What I know is that I can trigger a rescan/cleanup explicitly on the commandline or in the music dashbord.

THX in advance!

Sorry for the late reply.

Normally, the Music app should keep your library up-to-date automatically: add newly added files, remove deleted files, and update changed files, and none of this should require any user intervention. However, this works only partially on shared folders and there is an open bug report of this here: Automatic music collection changes detection does not work in shared folders · Issue #706 · owncloud/music · GitHub.

Also, storing your music collection on an external storage may be problematic because Nextcloud might not detect changes on the external storage automatically. And what is not detected by Nextcloud, is also invisible for the Music app.

@anthrax_n8b have you set background jobs to cron or Webcron instead of ajax ?