Music App Client side

Hi everyone.

Since few weeks, I search for a solution to create my own cloud. I heard about Nextcloud and I think it could be interesting. But the project does not propose a solution for music streaming. Is this a feature provided ?

Thanks for reading and sorry for (possible) errors.


Music player is available from the apps page. Whether it fits your needs or not you can check for yourself at the app store:


Thanks @John. It’s an owncloud app : that means that owncloud app works on nextCloud without change ?

Not every single one: but this one does: I took the link from within my working nextcloud installation :wink:

Yeah ! Thanks ! I try this during the week. Thanks for your help !

I can recommend the “mp3 player” app.
Imho its much simpler - and it can handle albums/compilations

I base my “children room music streaming pads” on it

This one?

If so, please be aware, you need to change the ‘owncloud max-version’ string to something greater “8.1”, otherwise the app will not work.

Plus the php-version if you are on 7 already