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About the Munich Nextcloud community

Die Münchner Nextcloud-Community trifft sich zum gemeinsamen Verbessern von Nextcloud. Design, Programmierung, Übersetzung, Verbreitung, Fehler finden, etc – alle, die aktiv werden möchten, sind eingeladen! Also bringt eure Laptops mit! :computer:

The Munich Nextcloud community meets to improve Nextcloud. Design, programming, translation, finding bugs, spreading the word, etc – everyone who wants to get active is invited! So bring your laptops with you! :computer:


Due to the current Covid situation, of course we should keep the meetings online. So we can exchange here, or generally in the forum. :mask:

As meeting space we mostly used Restaurant Hannes which was cozy with good food and also allows laptops. (Of course we need to reserve)
Alternatively before that we also used to meet at Werk1 sometimes.

Photos from past events

cc @Henni @Gomez @irgendwie @mabkenar @LukasReschke @ChristophWurst @stp :smiley:

FYI: We are moving from Meetup.com to the forum cause of several reasons, including their acquisition by WeWork, their pricing, and the fact that the in-person meetups are mostly a physical representation of the contributors on Github and in the forum anyway. :slight_smile:


Good stuff.

Guess I’m out, though, as Munich was just close for me while I was at university in Upper Austria. Now it’s time to start a meetup in Vienna :stuck_out_tongue:

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