Multiple user managing sharing?


I would like to be able to manage the sharing of a folder with several people.
Suppose I am user A, I have a folder and I share this folder with 2 people who must help me manage the shares, these are users B and C. I therefore give them the right to reshare.
When user B shares with user D, user C sees the share but cannot delete it. Only B and A can.

I would like user D to be able to manage the shares created on my file.

Is it possible to share the management of the shares?

Thanks for your help !

Nextcloud version 17

The groupfolder app was built to manage sharing folders to users (beyond the normal in between user sharing). Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about managing it.

Other idea: you could move the problem in sharing the folder to a specific group and you just manage together the users being part of that group.