Multiple small issues when answering a Form on iPhone


I would like to report some bugs that I encountered in the Forms app.

Device used: iPhone 6S, iOS 15.1

  1. On iOS, when answering a survey in the browser, when you write a lot of text in a Long Text field and the textbox is big enough that it needs to expend, the screen will jump up and down for every character you type. This is very dizzing.
    I tested this in both Firefox and Safari.

  2. On iOS, when answering a survey in Safari, a banner appears encouraging the user to download the Nextcloud app (or launch it if it’s already installed). Tapping the banner will either open the App Store or launch the Nextcloud app. This is confusing to the user because it won’t allow the user to answer the survey from there. Expected result: The banner doesn’t appear when answering a survey.

  3. On iOS, when answering a survey in the browser, it’s very easy to accidentally refresh the page when swiping up or going back when swiping right, which causes all your answers to get lost. Suggested result: When refreshing or trying to navigate to another page, the browser ask “are you sure you want to leave?”.

  4. When creating a survey and creating a new questions, the options “Checkboxes” and “Multiple choice” are misleading. “Multiple choice” sounds like the user can select multiple options, but that’s not the case.
    Suggested text:
    “Multiple choice” → “Select 1 choice”
    “Checkboxes” → “Select multiple choices”

  5. On iOS, when answering a survey in Firefox, when taping on a “Short answer” field or a “Long text” field, Firefox slightly zoom on the text. This has multiple bad consequences:
    The text box is not entirely visible, so we can’t see what we write entirely.
    The Submit button is cropped out and hard to tap.
    Note: This doesn’t happen when answering the same survey in Safari.
    Note 2: The slight zoom is even worst when using the Date picker in a Date question.

Thank you for making this app. It’s otherwise very good! :smile: :+1: