Multiple Servers & iOS Files APP - bug or feature

Hallo everyone,

multiple servers work nicely in the iOS app - but in the Files App only the active server is displayed.
Favorite links to a non-active server fail graciously - nothing happens.
This even fails for offline-files (which would be on device and not dependent of a server connection).

A great feature in case of multiple servers would be - either to:

  1. provide the servers at the root of the Nextcloud files app mount point

  2. provide separate mount points for each server (preferred)

This would be a very handy feature.

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Sorry I had this in the wrong group („features & apps“).

This issue is bigger on iPad where I would use the Files App regularly.

I wonder whether it would be possible to port the desktop sync client onto IPad and just use the „on my iPad“ - Storage on the File App. In principle that could be used like the files system on a Mac.

Just to add a workaround I am currently using.
I share all servers into one with affiliate links and then only connect the iOS app to this server.
That gives me the option to access everything with the files app (and offline files are always visible).