Multiple Select in Setting

Hello all,

for the Geoblocker App I want to give the Admin the option, to choose multiple countries from a list. So I am doing something like this:

<select name="choose-countries" size="10" multiple  id="choose-countries">
	<option value="AA" label="COUNTRY NOT FOUND" >AA: COUNTRY NOT FOUND</option>
	<option value="AD" label="Andorra" >AD: Andorra</option>
	<option value="AE" label="United Arab Emirates" >AE: United Arab Emirates</option>
	<option value="AF" label="Afghanistan" >AF: Afghanistan</option>
	<option value="AG" label="Antigua and Barbuda" ">AG: Antigua and Barbuda</option>
	<option value="AI" label="Anguilla" selected="selected">AI: Anguilla</option>

I would expect an 10 line high box with a scroll bar on the side, but what I get is only roughly 2 lines high, independent what I choose.

If I add “class=“select2-choices”” to the “select” tag in the beginning, then I get in Firefox what I want, but with other browsers like chromium or edge I get a 10 lines high box, but without scroll bar.

Can someone give me a hint, what I am doing wrong?

#choose-countries {
	height: initial;
	background: initial;
	padding-right: 12px !important;

I removed the select2 classes and added the above css. List is scrollable again :wink: Select2 is deprecated for a while and will be removed with Nextcloud 19. Probably easier to look for a other plugin (or ship your own copy).

Thanks, that did the trick. I think I should read a little bit more about css.