Multiple Select in Nextcloud Gallery

Is it possible to multiple select files while in Gallery Mode in nextcloud?

I upload a lot of photos via the Android Mobile app and then would like to move them to sub folders depending on the content.

I can do this is the File List mode, however the icons are so small you cannot really see the photo properly?


I’d like this feature also. It could be used for future features. Like adding tags to multiple photos in the same time.
For the time being you use the desktop client and move the files around in the synced folders. It works rather well in my opinion.

Is this still not possible?

Select one file, then go to Actions → Select file range . I have NC 21. I don’t know if it’s possible in other versions.
In the Files you can do this, not in the gallery

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What happened to the select range?

Click one file, then shift click another. Some say it’s supposed to select the range of files in between. Nothing happens here. NC24