Multiple owners of a calendar

Hello, we have our Nextcloud fully configured and we have been successfully overcoming some difficulties.

Now our problem is that calendars shared with groups allow creation and modification of events (read and write permissions work correctly), and the mail server perfectly sends invitations to events in personal emails, but a user creates an event In a calendar that is not your property, do not send the invitation.

The documentation is clear that invitations are only sent to events created on calendars owned by the user and not on calendars that have been shared, but it is strange that if I create an event on a calendar that is not owned by the user and then I cancel it, that cancellation notification generates an email.

We need users who do not own a calendar to also be able to send notifications or invitations by mail of the events they create.

We suspect that it could be done by setting multiple calendar owners from the database but we cannot understand how.

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much if you can help us

I have a possible solution that occurred to me reading this , although I donโ€™t know how efficient it is.

In [path_nextcloud] /3rdparty/sabre/dav/lib/CalDAV/Schedule/Plugin.php

I change this:

// $ calendarNode-> getOwner ()

$ calendarNode-> getPrincipalURI ()

Then in the database in the table _calendars to the personal calendar of each user I put the name of the calendar of their group that was shared.


With this, when the user creates an event in the calendar that was shared and that is not their property, the database thinks that it is the owner and sends the invitation email to the emails that were included in the participants of the event.

I will keep testing it and comment on whether it is a good solution or not