Multiple kernel extensions on Mac M1

On a mac mini with Apple-M1 chip I see multiple extensions running contemporary, and when it happens the nextcloud app freezes and it is not possible to access the settings.

Any ideas?

I tried to remove completely the synchronization, the user setting, and the app itself with appcleaner, then reinstalled. Result is the same.

In all other mac (chip intel) everything is fine, i don’t know if this is important or it is random.

The problem seems to have existed for a while, but no one has been able to help you yet, so I’m pushing the issue. The problems are exactly the same for me. Is there already a solution?

In such cases, it can help to check the bug tracker:

If you can’t find anything related, please open a new bug report. If the client crashes or freezes, it’s good to add some information from the logfile as well (you can start the client with logging activated, so when it crashes there is either a direct message or you will know what the client has done just before):

There are two that were closed by the stale bot: