Multiple computers on the same account?


I recently purchased a new computer and still use my old computer for other tasks and was wondering if it is possible to use Nextcloud to automatically backup files to the Nextcloud server but not to each other. I tried setting up the Nextcloud client on my new computer and wanted to sync new files to the cloud but not to my old computer and vice versa.


Nextcloud is not a backup tool. It synvhronizes data and that’s it.

A backup tool per definition has other capabilities like differntiating between full and incremental backups, sync directions etc.

You should use an appropriate tool like Rsync for this kind of tasks.

Thank you…

I think maybe I used the wrong term to describe what I wanted to do. When I initially install the Nextcloud client to my old PC it would sync folders I selected to my cloud account. I would like to do this on my new PC but cant because my old computer documents folder etc are still there and being synced. Is there a way to separate the 2 computers on the cloud so that I can sync files as it normally would just not with each other?

You can configure custom folders, so that on your Nextcloud the files of both PCs are present, but each client only synchronizes its own files.

    Folder A, Folder B
          /   \
         /     \
Desktop A       Desktop B

The Nextcloud Client Manual explains how to set up this configuration.