Multiple Account can manage folder sharing


In my organisation, we create some Departement Folder (as external Storage), where all users belong to this department can access it.

But they would like to hare some content to external people. so we activate the “Enable sharing” on each Department Folder.

Probleme : when a user share a folder, no body else can see/manage these permissions… so if the user leave our compangie, it’s not possible to have a full report and to manage these permissions.

any idea ?

Thanks for your help

You could use the migrate feature of the occ command to migrate the files and shares of the person who left to somebody else, who then can control the shares.

Hi Stephan,
Thanks for your help, it’s a good command to know, but how can i have a list of user + shared folder ?


As far as I know there is no front-end to view all shares. At this moment I can only think of direct DB access to query the nc_shares table.

Thanks, do you know which query can i use ? (mysql)

you could use the following query to get the main items:

select id,share_with,uid_owner,uid_initiator,file_target,expiration from nextcloud.nc_share;

Replace nextcloud with your database name (most likely the same), and change nc with your prefix (could be oc)

If you want to see all values use:

select * from nextcloud.nc_share;

But this would give values which are not really valuable unless more in-depth scripting is being done to alter NC database.

thanks a lot