Multi User Client Continues to Sync Unnecessarily

Hi All,

I have the following setup.
2 Manjaro systems, both with two users (user1, user2). Both users are part of “shared” group.

I have a folder /data/NextCloud/Music on both systems. The folder is owned by user1 and part of shared group with 770 permissions.

Using user1 I set up a sync to my NextCloud instance from both systems to my server. I then created the same sync in user2 profile (basically I want it so if either user1 or user2 modifies /data/NextCloud/Music, NextCloud syncs everything up.

The problem that I’m facing is that every time I log into an alternate user (for example if I go from user1 to user2 on my system) my Music folder is having a significant portion re-synced (about 8.7 gigs of my total 29 gigs). Then, my second computer, which is still logged in as user1, starts syncing to the changes happening from user2…and thus the cycle continues.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions appreciated.

I’m not sure about your config, but you should not sync the same folder with two different users. The client keeps track of what it has synced. 1 sync process per folder only. If you want something to be synced on a linux system, could you use one of the users or a special system users that runs the nextcloudcmd version from command line via a cronjob?