Multi-Tenancy Support?

I’m new to NextCloud and I am doing some research around hosting. I have been finding some conflicting or at least vague information for NextCloud’s ability to support multi-tenant hosted deployments. I found this article from ownCloud that seems to suggest that there are a couple of supported approaches. I was wondering if the any of the schemes have actually been carried over into NextCloud itself? So I guess I am wondering about the timing of the publish date of this document and the fork to NextCloud.

Also, I am mostly interested in data segregation multi-tenancy, because I envision potentially a very large number of tenants with thousands of users each, where data security is paramount. So I’m wondering what approaches others are taking and what the cost effectiveness of the approach might be.



Thanks for the quick reply. So, I was unclear as to what exactly that statement applied. So the notion of data segregation multi-tenancy (true multi-tenancy) with NextCloud is really only applicable to smallish tenant number scenarios. I guess I was confused by the reference to a provider of the scale of who employs true multi-tenancy and the statement that ownCloud also (at least partially) can support data segregation as well. So it appears as though I likely have two options I need to explore.

Thanks again.

I haven’t seen much information about such topics on the forums. Perhaps you can find some information in talks at the contributor conferences (check out youtube).
Enterprise support might also be an interesting option for you, they have experience with larger setups and you would get more specific support in case of problems (unless you have a developer team yourself you can rely on).