MS Access database over webdav

Hi guys,

We’ve moved over our file_server to Nextcloud and is currently hosted at a data center. The issue we are having is the performance with MS Access database over Webdav. Is there any way to increase the performance?


This question cannot be answered due to lack of information about your environment and what you’re exactly trying to do. A connection is always as slow as the slowest component in a chain :wink:

ms access is slow to start with and prone to errors whenever storage is not on a local drive. You can do speedups if you use the sync client and have the database synced. But then you will have a problem if more than one uses the same db file. (You have that regardless with ms access but more if the file is syncronized than over a regular webdav connection)

My suggestion whenever someone brings up ms access is to rewrite the app in something more useful and use a proper sql database instead.

I have ported several projects written in access to something new due to the limitations that ms access has.

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I actually end up doing just that. I downloaded the sync client and download the database for that folder and map the local drive so the database think its on the network.

Thank you for your fast response.