Moving user directory


I am evaluating Nextcloud at the moment. At first I implemented default AD authentication and tried to log in with test user. Everything went more or less ok. But I noticed that nextcloud created user directory with user’s objectGUID as a name. I would like to have more readable names so I modified “User Home Folder Naming Rule” to use userPrincipalName.
After that I removed old directory and re-logged in with test user. User directory was created OK, but it is not populated with template files. Consequently I am unable to access them, desktop client is unable to sync them, etc.
So the question is, what is the right way to move user directory. And how do I remove test user and start from scratch?

You can migrate specific data with the occ-command:

Thanks for reply. But I fail to see what could I use to move or rename user’s catalog with occ’s files commands

 files:cleanup              cleanup filecache
 files:scan                 rescan filesystem
 files:transfer-ownership   All files and folders are moved to another
                        user - shares are moved as well.

And the other question remains: how to remove LDAP user? Or make user start working with NC from scratch.

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