Moving several settings into their related apps

There are several settings in personal and admin settings showing constantly up, that are as far as I got related to dedicated apps. This is actually not a big problem, but it would look more clean and consistent if these settings are clearly moved from core to the related apps and therefore just show up with these apps enabled:

  • “Federated-Cloud-Sharing” from admin panel and “Federated Cloud” box on personal settings just make sense to me if “Federation” app is enabled. Or am I wrong and this are actually features of the “File sharing” app and also work without the user directory sharing of “Federation”?

  • There is an encryption setting in admin panel showing up, even if the “Default encryption module” is disabled. The module clearly just works with the setting enabled, so both seem to me just reasonable together. Or are there possible different encryption “modules” that could use the encryption “feature” of the nextcloud core?

  • The “E-Mail-Server” setting in admin panel could from my point of view also moved into a dedicated app. At the moment, if I add users to a calender event, nextcloud/calendar tries to send an email to this users, which fails and throws an error, if no mail server is configured. If the whole use of email functionality is moved to a dedicated app, it could be also easier recognized as enabled/disabled by other apps to enable/disable their usage of this feature again.

  • The adjustment of the maximum upload size always shows up in admin panel. But after recommended configuration of nextcloud the http user doesn’t have permissions to adjust it. This already leaded to irritations and questions here in the forums. Maybe it could be changed in it’s behaviour: i.e. change the value in .htaccess by default to 2 GB (the correct maximum according to admin panel hint) and then limit it by default to 511 MB (as it is now in .htaccess) via config.php or inside the database and therefore adjustable by http user. So the setting actually would adjust a config.php or database parameter inside the borders given by .htaccess or php.ini.
    Otherwise the hints beside the setting could give some more information about the permissions problem, link to admin manual or something or could be removed completely. Of course some hint in installation guide should be added then to adjust the value in .htaccess or php.ini, depending on server configuration.

In order to clean up settings pages in nextcloud a bid, there could be still some dependency for showing settings/boxes done:

  • Show encryption tab on admin panel only, if encryption module is enabled. I know the hierarchy is actually the other way round and the admin manual also guides to first enable the setting and afterwards the module. But the red warning final enable button should be enough to give people the chance to change their mind. And for all the admins without encryption there is just an unnecessary tab/setting in admin panel.
  • Remove all email related checkboxes on personal/activity page, if no mailserver is configured on admin panel. On admin panel itself the test mail button could be also hidden, if no valuable mailserver info is given.
  • Only show Sharing/Federated Cloud Sharing settings on admin panel, if Federation app is actually enabled.

Ah actually just the same points as above :smile:. I just love simple minimalistic clean interfaces without any “unnecessary” parts. Hope that there are others that mind about this a bid ;).