Moving NextCloud on same server?

Due to SSL not being wildcarded, I was hoping to do something like However the SSL with my shared hosting provider only handles the domain itself (www) and not any subdomains. However IS protected by the SSL.

So my question now, is there a way to “easily” move my current install to a new folder (the /cloud folder) or would it be best just to do a new install since this recently new install will not work as intended?

Well, theoretically, you should just be able to copy the Nextcloud files to the new folder and edit config/config.php to point to the new path.

There’s a possibility, if any specific apps aren’t programmed just right that there may be some absolute paths in the database, so you can (after a careful backup and testing of the backup) do a search and replace in your database for the path to the old folder > the path to the new folder. This can be done easily enough in something like phpmyadmin by doing the search for %path/to/old/folder/owncloud%