Moving GitHub repo to the Nextcloud organisation

It says in the developer docs (which is down right now, it seems), that we can request having our app repositories moved to the NextCloud GitHub organisation.

I’ve emailed more than 40 people in that GitHub organisation and not gotten any replies. Maybe there should be a repo just for these requests, if no one has time for their emails :sweat_smile:

The app in question this time around is the Cookbook

How do we make this happen? Is there anyone in particular I should be contacting?

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@nickvergessen @ChristophWurst @jan could you help this guy?

Transfer it to me and I can transfer it further.


@jzapp may I ask what the intention of moving the app is? (E.g. because there are more contributors and you’d rather have a neutral development org, or you want someone to take over maintainership, etc.)? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I wasn’t notified that there were any responses on this thread.

@ChristophWurst I’ve requested a transfer to you.

@jan I’d like for someone to take over maintainership, as there is plenty of development activity on the app, but I’m just not using it myself enough to justify the time investment, and I don’t want to be the reason the app goes stale. I’m happy to maintain it until someone else steps up, though.

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Sorry for the late response, I’ve been on vacation :desert_island:

Unfortunately the link expired shortly, so please request a transfer another time :v:

I’ve requested the transfer again now :slight_smile:

Et voila

has to be adapted as well, or?


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Yes, looks like it should. Good catch! @jzapp mind submitting a PR for that?

Added PR. See