Moving from Raspberry Pi3 on a Rock64 - What steps are to do?

perhaps someone can help me.
I have installed NextCloudPlus on a raspberry pi 3, the data are on a usb-device. I migrated the database there, too.
But in a few days my new Rock64 will still be there, so I have to move the system.
What are the right steps to do the migration? And without lost of my database and the data on the usb-device.
Can you give me a hint about the steps?

Best regards

there is a whole section covering this in the NCP documentation

how to backup and restore a NCP instance

videos and all :wink:

Thank you very much and sorry! So I try it with the documentation and will only ask here some questions if it doesn’t work.

no problems mate! also, the wiki is open so if you find anything missing or confusing, feel free to improve it

my Rock64 arrived but I can’t use it with nextcloud.
I installed the Nextcloud Rock64-Image but I dont get an ip-address from my dhcp-server and the light at the rj45 is only blinking orange. I have a Gigabit Cisco SG300-28 switch. After changing Auto-Negotiation to Disabled and used fix 100Mb and Flow-Control disabled in the switch I have the same issue (but a green and a orange light).

You know the problem in the actually nextcloudplus-image for rock64?

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