Moving from ownCloud 10.0.9 to which version?

Does anyone know to what version of NextCloud I should be upgrading from ownCloud 10.0.9? Can find the exact version of NextCloud that I should be using. Or is the latest basically always good? (Debian 9.4)

And… all help is highly appreciated!! :smile:

I would better do a fresh installation.

They release in a few days version 14.

dont update.

  • Do a fresh 13.0.5 install
  • Wait a few days for release 14.0.1

Just have a huge problem and need some help.
I’ve decided to migrate to nextcloud. I’ve read some articles and concluded that it was possible. However, it is not!

I originally had owncloud 10.0.9 and I’ve erased everything keeping data and config folder as mentioned by migration manual. However, upgrade doesn’t work.

Is there a way to fix this? Do I have to paste back owncloud files?

EDIT: This is bad. I can’t put owncloud to work again. Any help?

Owncloud 10.0.9 isn’t mentioned in the migration document, so I would suggest that it isn’t possible until Nextcloud supports migrations from 10.0.9 (and the document is updated).

Indeed it was my mistake, however I need a fix! The only way is to wait?
A fresh install can fix it? I am going to lose my database?

EDIT: Can I perform a fresh install and restore owncloud database?

Does anyone know when the update from OC 10.0.9 to NC (doesnt matter which version) is supported .

Hi guys,

I am also interested in this Topic. I tried to upgrade this weekend and also with new Installation. With the first try I stuck in the process, with the second I was not able to connect the backupped database. Would be great to get assistance how to proceed the best way

Regards … Max

The best way is to use the Nextcloud migration tool, see ->

Thats what I did first, but I got stuck. As I made some experience aso trying the manual way I will check again next weekend.