Moving entries from one calendar to another doesn`t get synced to iPhone


I am running a Nextcloud server on version 25.0.1

We are a small company with around 6 shared calendars. Since updating there is an issue when moving events from one calendar to another. Something we do quite often because e.g. we have an appointment with a customer and send another guy than orginally planned.

I add an entry to the calendar of John, it gets synced to Johns phone (ios). Once I change the entry and take it away from John and move it to Jane, it looks correct on the Nextcloud webapplication but this change doesnt get synced to Johns or Janes phone.
On the phone I can

That was working until I have updated to the last version of 24. Updating to 25 and 25.0.1 did not fix it.

Someone else experience this behaviour? Even better, is there someone having an idea how to fix it? It really is annoying right now for our guy who is responsible for the schedule.

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Yes, I do and I can confirm that moving an event from one calendar to another doesn’t get through to iOS clients.
I opened an issue at the server repo here:

Thank you. Do you have any experience how long it takes for developers to take care for issues?

Your description is pretty good, so it should be quite easy to fix with your preparation.

No I don’t. It depends on urgency I guess. Maybe it helps, if you react to the github issue.