Moving data folder from a kvm image to another?

Hi all

I currently have a mature properly functioning Nextcloud 20.0.8 operating on a kvm image of ubuntu 18, Mysql 5. nginx, php7.3.

This a homesetup for family of 6 people using.

Currently have about 200gigs in the /mnt/data folder.

Doing image backups of this kvm image is a total time consuming ordeal.

Because I would like to be able to upgrade and also backup the image of this Nextcloud setup, I would like to move this data folder.

Wondering if I could move this folder, either onto another kvm image, or on the kvm server.

The kvm host has only ubuntu 18 & kvm server on it. It has lots of room and power to add images if need be.

Can this be even done?


Have you considered using ESXi as hypervisor?

If nothing else, it can use Veeam as a backup.
And the latter has a community edition that can backup 10 VMs for free…

There are ways to convert kvm images to vmdk (VMWare format)

Hi Traffle,

when I build a new KMV image, I use rsync to copy my Nextcloud en other content: rsync -avzh user@webserver-old:/var/www/localhost/htdocs/ /var/www/localhost/htdocs/

For backup, I use a tool inside the webserver image: flexbackup to backup to a local backup directory and subsequently copy the backup files to another host. You can also use rsync to create a backup, there are so many options.

Regards in return

Great Thank you for letting me know