Moving (auto-uploaded) files after a while into another folder?

Hello :slight_smile:

It seems like a very common problem to me, but I didn’t find any solution while searching the web and the forum. Maybe I’m missing some keywords? Let’s see …

What are your strategies to keep the (limited) phone storage automatically clean, while having still quick access to relevant/new stuff?

Currently, I just manually move old-ish auto-uploaded photos I took with my phone from one (synced) cloud-directory to another (non-synced) cloud-directory, so my phone won’t run out of storage.

I know that there is the option to automatically delete the files after auto-uploading, but this option has the side-effect, that i can’t just watch the photos of the last few weeks without internet connection.

My current plan:
I would like to move my auto-uploaded photos after a few weeks automatically into another folder, so my phone doesn’t have to keep all the photos.
I also looked into the workflows feature, but didn’t find any options for this situation.

Another - even cleaner - idea which I could think of is, to have an option, which keeps only new-ish files synced on the phone.
For example “Don’t keep synced files older than 1month on the phone”
Or rules like “store max 1GB on the device, … but only the newest/starred files”

Did I miss any features to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance!
– redplanet