Moving a shared folder


I am a very happy Nextcloud user :slight_smile:
However, one of our admins has shared a folder in his own path (say, Folder1).
If i want to move this folder to a groupfolder, what will happen to the sharing rights? Will users who have access to this folder still have access when i move it to its new location? Or do we need to grant them the rights anew?

whoa … welcome to the forum and thanks for your first thread…

it looks easy… but somehow it doesn’t seem to be easy.

regardless of that it should show up under root on your side (in the webgui)… let’s call it share_1

so you want to move share_1 to some groupfolder you set up on your side? let’s call it group_1?

to which sharing rights? those of share_1 or those of group_1?
all i can do is trying to guess logicallywise:
the rights of all share_1-users should presist… plus you would add all users of group_1 to it. if they won’t be part of the rights granted for share_1 they prolly wouldn’t even be able to see nor to edit anything in that folder (depending upon the rights granted… by share_1)…
like: the rights you grant to your users aren’t logicallywise allowed to alter any rights that would come via the right you got granted from share_1.

but i could be wrong at any point.

so why not testing it somehow with some test-directory?

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Turns out, it works just fine :slight_smile:

Rights etc. They all move nicely along with the folder :slight_smile:

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