Moved to Nextcloud v20.0.8 - copying into old folders

Hello, I have a weird issue. I’ve moved Nextcloud to another server and upgraded to v20.0.8 from v19. I had a internal /data folder was mapped in my previous installation so what I’ve done is that I have setup a new nextcloud instance and moved this /data folder using rsync with the permissions and everything. Of course I did occ files:scan --all to reindex the files on the new server.

Now when I try to upload and files on top of any folders, it just stucks and never uploads. When I tried to create a new folder and upload on top of that, it works without any issues so I suspect this issue is for the files on the old server. But if I go inside any of these folders, I can upload files. I do have the same problem on the webdav. If I try to rename any of these old folders, it will just stuck or deleting will take a lot of time (minutes). On the other hand creating a new folder, renaming or uploading works fine.

I believe there is a caching issue or permission problem but even if I clear the Redis cache, the issue is still there. The IP address was changed so I checked if it might effect the setup but I don’t see any record related the IP, only dns name is there which is the same.

I’ve been trying to fix this issue since 1 week but I am out of solutions so I appreciate if you guys can give me some hints. By the way I’ve checked all the logs files but could not find anything related this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Like this, it sounds like a permission issue. Can you compare the permissions of the copied folders with a new folder?

And then please check your logfiles as well, if there are permission or cache issues, it should leave some traces there.