Move (working) nextcloudpi on raspberrypi3 to an odroid HC2

Hello everyone,

i love my nextcloudpi (great project) which is running on a raspberrypi3. Now i decided that i want my raspberry3 for other projects so i bought an Odroid HC2 with a new HDD.

My question is:
How can i move my data+database (including users, …) from the raspberrypi3 (stored on some HDD 1) to my new Odroid (with a new HDD 2) such that i don’t have to recreate my users and don’t have to reupload all my data?

So far i installed a new nextcloudpi image on the Odroid.
I use on both machines the nextcloudpi image with updates to v0.64.2

Please let me know if i can provide additional information.

backup and restore on the Odroid, there’s a guide in the documentation (wiki)

thanks a lot. I knew that i can make backups but i thought that would only copy the data and not users, configs and so on.

Anyway, it works!