Move on webinterface is not reflected in desktop app


This is the problem I’m facing: When I move a directory or files using the web interface, these changes are not reflected in the desktop app.

  • the move is done, since the webinterface shows the moved folder in the new location.
  • the android app shows the folder in the new location
  • Desktop sync clients (one Fedora host (appimage), one Ubuntu (snap) and 2 different windows hosts) still show the folder in the old location. For clarification; the new location is not synced.

The setup:

  • I have in Nextcloud a folder ‘WIP’ that I use for projects I work on.
  • I have a folder named ‘archive’ for projects that can be archived.

What I did: I moved several projects from the ‘WIP’ folder to the ‘archived’ folder using the web interface. I cannot move those folders on the desktop, since the ‘archive’ folder is not synced (too large and not relevant data)

What I expected: The client should sync the move, and thus effectively remove the folder from it’s original location (Removing from ‘WIP’, and thus not syncing any more). This would make the space available on the disk.

I noticed:

  • When I go to the dialog to choose whch folder to sync, I can see the moved folder in it’s new location.
  • When I do a full resync to the client, the folder is indeed not longer there. But it makes no sense to do a full resync each time a folder moves…

Client: 3.4.2 (ubuntu)
Server: 24.0.3

For the rest, syncing seems to work as expected…

Do I get a concept of NC wrong? Is this a bug? …? Any advice is appreciated!

Are any errors logged in the sync client?

No, not regarding these specific files.