Move Nextcloud 15.0.14 from RPi 3B+ to RPi 4B?

I just got a new Raspberry Pi 4B and would like to move my Nextcloud installation from a Raspberry Pi 3B+.
Is that as simple as moving the MicroSD from one to the other?
Or will booting on a new RPi cause the MicroSD to not work on the old RPi?

My RPi 3B+ is running Nextcloud 15.0.14


hi deepo,
I am also researching the best way to move from Pi3b+ to Pi4B. (but I am on NC 17.0.2)
It is not yet clear to me whats the best procedure.
I did find this in the ownbits website:
Hopefully it will set you to the right direction as well.
In case you ask… I have not yet tried this method (or any other ).
But so far, it seems the best candidate.
What tricks me is the following text:
" There is no need to go through this risk just yet though. Debian Stretch will still receive security updates until the end of the year. Once we are in Buster we will be up to date for another two years when the next release will come. "
If that is the case, I am still to find a less risky procedure.

Thank you for the links!
I decided to start from scratch on Buster and install newest Nextcloud.
That way I got a chance to write everything down, including how to get a SSL certificate for the website.


yesterday I followed the above procedure.
The distribution upgrade went very well and nextcloud (on my pi 3b+) works well.
but when I put the sdcard on the Pi 4b, did not boot at all!
I might end up doing the same as u.
But i will still give it a try with migration