Move files, not sync


Is it possible with auto upload on a android device to move the files in a folder on the server
rather then syncing them to save space on the android device?


Check-out the auto upload settings of a configured folder. There you can select what should be done with the original file (as long as they’re stored on the internal file system of your phone and not on an externa sd card):

  • keep the file in the original folder
  • move the file to the app folder
  • delete the file

how come it can not do anything with the files on a sd card?

You can sync the files but the mentioned option cannot be selected (on my phone). Most likely because Android handles sd card access restrictively.

all good, simply solution is to move files back to internal storage and change the camera to save to internal storage rather then sdcard.


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What does move to app folder do

Moving the files from the picture folder to the Nextcloud app folder?! :wink:

What for tho?

Usually the Nextcloud folder structure with all files selected for synchronization have to be copied to your phone, haven’t they? So this is also a way to reduce the amount of storage used to store files on your phone.

where is the app folder stored, on the server? if thats the case wouldn’t you end up with 2 copies on the server?

No, a file is only stored once on the server but might be stored twice on your phone. To find the location of the app folder, check-out the settings dialog on the Nextcloud app. The first parameter should allow you to change the storage location and also shows you the currently used one.

ok thanks for the info mate,