Move domain away from

help as subdomain seems to supporty.

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or even better:


I vote for

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@jos, especially if you want devs to chat about the introduction of new features, etc. sounds about right

With an alias to :slight_smile:

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Or :grinning:

Well, “my” is inclusive. From the user’s perspective “your” creates a distance between the user and the product.

I like the idea, yes. This is something we certainly could do… Today I think we’re all a bit too busy but - good chance we can do this in a few days, keep a redirect from the old place so it isn’t a problem… @LukasReschke that is possible, right?

Yes. This is doable but let’s do it at a time where less people visit the page (weekend? / night?) as we need to restart the Discourse service for this which takes some time.

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I also think it could be a good idea to express the community orientation with a .org TLD.

»My« should never be used in an interface because it’s just straight up weird. :wink: Also it sounds like a personal profile, which it is not. seems the best course of action. :slight_smile:

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You’re sure about that? :wink:


Agree with jan. This just reminds me of all the programming tutorials which do stuff like $myVariable :smiley: then people reading the tutorials start flling their code with my prefixed variables and functions xD

yeah the only time I would agree to support my.*.org would be for a personal profile. Say my.faceb** or so.

I think we can close this now. The decision is to move to and add a redirect from Go Lukas Go.