"Move data to USB" problem


unfortunately my Nextcloud broke during the last update, so I had to set it up again today. Unfortunately, I have an error with my external hard drive.
When I set up the nextcloud with the wizard, the mounting works without problems. When I then say “Move data to USB”, the following error appears:

[ nc-datadir ] (Thu Aug 5 19:27:34 BST 2021)
/media/USBdrive does not exist

I haven’t changed anything in the setup, it’s still a PI 4 with a 1TB hard drive. It ran very well like this for over a year.

I have tried to connect to the Pi via ssh to create the folder as described, but I get the message “Connection refused” every time I try. :frowning:

Can someone please help me?

Wich nextcloud version have you installed? Post e.g. installation guide from the internet.

Do you get “Connetion refused” on using ssh or on exucuting commands in the ssh session?

If you can login post output of:

sudo fdisk -l