Move additional apps folder out of webroot

Hi all, updating Nextcloud improved quite a lot with 10.0. But still there is a thing…

I am using a script to enable or disable all my third party apps. To easily determine the third party apps, I created a second apps folder in webroot.

ncpath=$(cat “$(dirname “$0”)/ncpath”)
appspath=$(cat “$(dirname “$0”)/appspath”)
for app in $appspath/*
sudo -u www-data php $ncpath/occ app:enable "$(basename $app)"

When using the updater, it checks for changes in webroot. For sure it finds my additional apps folder and blocks the update. In this case I always have to move the additional apps folder out of my webroot.

Do you have any idea where to place the second apps folder? From my Nextcloud data folder (which is not in the webroot), the third party apps do not work anymore.

I’d only suggest you temporarily move the folder out of your NC folder before the update, and back after.

Hi @JasonBayton, thanks for your input. I guess this brings me where I came from.

As Nextcloud introduced the possibility to add additional app folders, combined with the way the updater works…do you think your proposed update procedure is how it was intended by the creator?

I guess you already read it between the lines…this wouldn’t look professional at all…it seems more like handicraft work.

There’s no harm in getting an official dev statement on this, raise an issue here:

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It’s an issue of the Updater app, not the server. The custom apps folder, defined in config.php, will be ignored by the Updater as of v1.1.

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