Mounting Nextcloud davs share with 2fa

Using Nextcloud v11.0.5, and Nautilus on Ubuntu Xenial. In the past I was able to connect to the Nextcloud share via a URL like davs:// However, I’m now using the (very handy) two-factor authentication offered by Nextcloud. Nautilus, of course, doesn’t prompt me for the second factor, so I just get denied every time. I can of course generate a token for this, but does anyone know of a way to get Nautilus to prompt me for my second-factor?

@ChristophWurst @LukasReschke is this possible? If not, are there plans that this will be possible?

Have you tried using an App password? I use webdav with Keepass and the app password works fine. Just be careful, if you change your main password all your app passwords invalidate.

Personal menu -> Security

I’ve been having trouble with this myself. Fyi, you can generate passwords for multiple apps supported at a time. Just add each app name with a comma, eg.


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Yeah that’s what I meant by “token.” I’ve not tried this, but I’m pretty certain it would work. Thing is, I don’t want to check the “remember this password forever” box, I want it to prompt me every time I access the share. That’s not really the best use for tokens, given that they’re random and Nextcloud (rightly) won’t show them to you after you create them. I guess I could put it in a password manager, but just using 2fa would be a better experience. Of course, if that’s not possible then it’s not possible :slight_smile: .

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