Mounting local folder via "external storage" shows blank page, snap, syncthing

I’m running nextcloud 13.0.6snap1 on ubuntu server 18.04 4.15.0-34-generic, I want to include a local folder via “external storage” so I can access the files from my syncthing folder. I chmod 777 the syncthing folder and my nextcloud user is in the admin group. I see the folder name in nextcloud but when I click on it all I get is an empty page. Is this a permissions problem with snap? Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you very much.

I have the same issue! I’m not sure why this is a problem but I believe it might be snap related as well.

EDIT: I think the removable media snap is the solution:

Thanks for the tip, I installed the snap, restarted nextcloud, removed and readded the external folder and still get a blank page, when trying to add a new folder via the nextcloud website it says I don’t have permission. Something is still stuck, do you have further insight?