Mounting external storage into Group Folder

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@flinc Seems assigning a remote location for your group folder is already possible. See this thread.

I read the topic and from what i understand the workaround is to mount the Nextcloud data folder to the external storage. However this is not a desired scenario in our case.
We have a Nextcloud server with ample local storage allowing users to do their casual sharing from within their account.
But we also have a Windows file server on which our Projects are stored.
Currently we create a subfolder under each project which we then make available as External Storage in Nextcloud to 3rd parties if needed. That way our users can just save files to the Windows folder thereby automatically making them available to these 3rd parties.
The downside of this is that if you want some 3rd parties to have read-only or disable delete permissions it takes a lot of extra configuration on the Windows side which quite frankly always ends up being quite messy.
If i could create a Group Folder on External STorage then all permissions regarding 3rd parties could be set in Nextcloud thus keeping my Windows directory clean and clear.

I recommend filing a feature request on the Github repo. Include a couple picture mockups (even simple pencil drawings will do). Search the other issues there in case any relate. Good luck!