Mounting Existing Amazon S3 Bucket?

From what I’ve read here in the forums, it seems that it is not possible to mount an existing Amazon S3 bucket as external storage. Are there any plans to make this a feature later on?
I ask because I have a server that sends all backups to an S3 bucket and I would like to attach that bucket to store everything locally as well. Also, if something were to happen to my NexCloud installation and I have to start over, I wouldn’t be able to remount that bucket that was created by NextCloud. I would have to reconfigure everything and seems like a big headache if something goes wrong in the future.

In this report it looks like it used to work:

So I suppose this will be fixed at some point but I can’t tell you when. If you know to code, you can perhaps help out a bit, if not you can at least help testing and providing details if required.

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Is there anybody actively working on this piece of NC or is there something that requires testing? I’m happy to test if needed.

The NC External Storage application allows you to mount external storage services, such Amazon S3. How-to at

Related storage backend with Amazon S3 at

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I know it’s a old discussion. But I am able to mount the existing S3 storage bucket just fine.

which version did you use? It always tries to create a new bucket for me