Mount old Data on my USB Drive


i just have installed new nextcloudpi. Everything ist running fine.
I just want to reuse my old data on external hard drive but i am not sure how to mount it.

The external drive is allready mountet but nextcloud tooked wrong data folder


Can i just edit config.php data directory to Folder “ncdata-11-26-23.1700998328”?

I read something about instance id. And i am little confused with permissions. Somebody have an adivise for me?

Thanks in advance!


Yes you can just amend the path to the correct data location in your config.php file.

Create a copy of config.php first.

Once you’ve amended the path you’ll almost certainly need to use the occ scan command to rescan the files to add them into the db of your new nc installation to be able to see them.

If you are unsure on how to use the occ command… RTFM.