Mount data folder to new location?

I have added 4 disks to my megaraid card raid-10 and wnat data folder on that drive mounted it in /var/www/data-raid
I can change the folder but after reading its not that safe to move the data folder.

I havent tested and ask before I’ll try can add in fstab like this

/var/www/data /var/www/data-raid auto bind

Is it safe och do a reinstall of Nextcloud? Or a god link to move the data folder I have searched and I dont want to lose any data. Everything is encrypted think im going to remove that before I’ll do anything.

  1. Just put NC into maintenance mode and/or stop you http server.
  2. Change config under ..nextcloud/config/config.php to new folder: 'datadirectory' => '/var/www/data-raid',.
  3. To be on safe side copy your data into data-raid.
  4. Rename data folder to e.g. data.orig.
  5. Mak sure that you put correct permissions on a new folder.
  6. Start you http server and disable maintenance mode.
  7. Check if it works --> you can delete data.orig.
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Thanks!! Nice and easy and it worked perfekt!!

Edit: after testing a day now everying is working and damn fast to. Images load verry fast. Im using an old server to

Supermicro X8DT3 2 x Intel® Xeon® CPU X5570 @ 2.93GHz 8 cpus and 16 threads. MegaRaid sas/sata card 6 gb, 16 gb ecc memory and its a damn good server gave about 200$ for the server. I added 4x2 TB harddrivers for Nextcloud confiugerd in Megaraids bios. A tip old servers are still damn good.

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