Mount and use external "old" formerly used HDD as data directory instead of /var/www/html/data

I have fresh installation nextcloud 15 on Raspi Pi 3 + with data directory located at /var/www/html/data.

I have another 1TB HDD that I already had in use with my older nextcloud 14 via usb as an external data directory located hat


The individual users are created in data directory.

I would like to use the HDD for the NC 15 and already set and mounted the HDD (formate with ext4) to /media/WDTB/data to my Raspi within /etc/fstab, configuted in the

/var/www/html/config/config. php

the to

‘datadirectory = >’/media/WD1TB/data

(formerly/var/www/html/data) and set the rights of the data directory with

sudo chown - R www - data: www - data/media/wd1tb/data/

After logging in in NC 15, data directory does not appear :thinking: