More than 1,000 directory entries available

Ldap showing configuration “ok” But throwing a pop up as “More than 1,000 directory entries available.”

So, is there a Question you would like to ask? :wink:

Yes!! I completely exhausted on finding the solution for this issue,
Can you please help on it.

In logs able to find this “ldap_control_paged_result_response(): Result is: No such object (32) at /var/www/html/nextcloud/apps/user_ldap/lib/LDAP.php#75”

Why do you assume an issue here? Maybe the system is informing you, that there are more than 1000 Entries in your directory, and therefor maybe your queries in the wizard are limited to the first 1000 Objects for performance reasons?

Overall it would be nice if you could provide as much information as you possibly can on your installation in order to give you the advice you need.

Is your ldap connection working then, and can your ldap users log in?

Thanks for your replay , Problem here is users data is not fetching nor showing in wizard but LDAP connection showing successful.